Minneapolis Lodge No. 19 Opens its Doors and Hearts to the Minneapolis Community

This past weekend, Minneapolis Lodge No. 19 participated in Doors Open Minneapolis, a fantastic city-wide event showcasing unique and historic buildings. Our venue, the stunning Scottish Rite Temple, played host to over 3,000 curious visitors – a resounding success for both the Lodge and the community.

For Freemasonry, bringing people together is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We believe in fostering fraternal brotherhood and connection, and Doors Open Minneapolis provided the perfect platform to do just that. The historic halls of the Temple bustled with Minnesotan residents, all eager to learn more about our fraternity and this architectural gem.

Our lodge is hosted in the Minneapolis Scottish Rite Temple and it is of the largest Masonic Fraternal groups in Minneapolis, since 1915. The building joined the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. The original Charter for the Minneapolis Scottish Rite was issued in 1873 and 2023 is the 150th Anniversary of our establishment.

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The event wasn’t just about showcasing the beauty of the Temple. Our Masons were on hand to answer questions, dispel myths about Freemasonry, and share the rich history of the Lodge and the building itself. It was a chance to connect with our neighbors and demonstrate the positive impact Minneapolis Lodge No. 19 has on the community, including our philanthropic endeavors and scholarship opportunities.

Beyond the rituals and ceremonies, Freemasonry is deeply rooted in philanthropy. Our Lodge actively supports local charities and causes, promoting education, healthcare, and social welfare. By participating in Doors Open Minneapolis, we were able to not only share our history but also raise awareness of the good works we do.

The overwhelming positive response from visitors was truly heartwarming. It was a privilege to open our doors and hearts to the city, fostering a sense of community and offering a glimpse into a fraternal organization that values brotherhood, morality, charity, truth and making a positive difference.

If you’re curious about Freemasonry or simply want to learn more about Minneapolis Lodge No. 19, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the website to learn more about what makes a Man a Mason.

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